Paintings? Drawings?

I paint and draw a lot. Drawing is important to me because it is a medium that is very close to writing, it can have an intuitive quality that makes it possible to directly translate a thought or a desire on paper. I believe that my drawings
match this description, because they are made with acrylic colour but using a technique that is usually used for aquarelle. Many of these works are «one shots».

On the other hand, I am very inspired by medieval, classic and contemporary painting and various crafts, like those used in carnival, stained glass, sugar… I am constantly reflecting on what a painting or an image can be, in order to
go beyond the classic oil painting without ignoring it. I believe that many of my works, like my paper-mâché sculptures, my stained glass windows made out of sugar and my miniature paintings on pins that I give to my friends
are paintings, because I feel that this medium goes beyond its traditional definition.